dreamfurniture made of dreamcars
wishes and blueprints

The first step on the way to your car-furniture is a detailed consultation. We inform you about all possibilities - also at your home, to integrate the car-furniture in your own walls.


The planning includes each of your options. You can chose the:

car- and furniture-type, colour, materials, dimensions and extras



blueprint car bed

After placing the order we attend immediatly to the needed car or carparts. But we can also transform your old jalopy in a new highlight.    wanna fly...

Before each production step you´ll give us an "ok" - for your complete satisfaction.

Even modifications during the production can usually be realized.

After the finishing of the parts and accurately fitting we sub-assemble and test the furniture.

  sub-assamble car bed bug

Of course - we deliver and arrange!

In the end we offer a post-care for scratches, buckles and other mischances

  arrange car bed bug


Almost everything is possible:

We´d like to forward you a blueprint of your dreamfurniture. Just send us your favorit car- and furniture-type, colour, materials, dimensions and extras. In a few days you´ll receive an abstract incl. price. (go to contact)


Sideboard from Mercedes W108/109 - done

Bar stool form Yamaha XS 350 - done

Armchair from Jeep Suzuki SJ - intended


Sideboard from Mini - done

Self from Beetle - done

Bar from VW-transporter (T2) - intended

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