dreamfurniture made of dreamcars
idea and references



"...the writing desk is sheer madness! Until now some friends saw it and couldn´t believe it..." (Marco Kaiser, cardaeler, Gondelsheim near Stuttgart, Germany) Mercedes desk
"...great, Martin. Thank you soooo much for the Mercedes. It treats me so much..." (U. Herr, Laufenburg near Lake Constance, Germany) Mercedes furniture Mercedes sideboard
"... we renovated our office. But with the new chairs it affects totally new and different..." (Driving school Merk, Singen, Germany) car office chairs
 "...even after some years the car-sofa is still an eyecatcher - not only for the kids..." (R. Marohn, engeenier, Braunschweig, Germany) car sofa - Trabi
 "...the Mini is enormous. I got only positiv feedback. Everyone said, it´s typical me..." (Car dealer, Karlsruhe, Germany) Mini - car furniture
 "...the Trabi looks real smashing. Our guest talked about it immediately..." (Pub "Almwirt", Haar near Munich, Germany) car furniture
 "...this present was a successful surprise..." (Merz, privatschooldirector, Stuttgart) car furniture - bug shelve

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